Thursday, July 21, 2005

heathers heart

MY sister Heather Holmes a 37 year Mother, Sister, Wife, and Daughter, friend, and a wonderful person. Had An unexpected tragic event happen, in Syracuse where after what was meant to be a routine surgery, turned out to be a 20 hour ordeal which left Heather’s heart never to beat again and lungs needing a ventilator. A surgical team from Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester came in with a mechanical heart (heart works on out side of body) and took her to Rochester, where she try’s to recover after 4 surgeries so she can wait for a heart. She continues to endure pain as her chest has not yet been totally closed, and multiple nose bleeds leaves her exhausted, and ears so filled she cant hear unless you yell due to so much fluid build up in her body, as she is fully awake and knows FIGHTING, NEVER GIVING UP THAT IS MY SISTER A BIG SISTER YOU CAN REALLY LOOK UP TO.

Thank you everyone for reading